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What is an algorithm?

A finite set of instructions carried out in a specific order to perform a particular task

How is a problem defined in the context of algorithms?

A real-world problem or real-world instance problem for which you need to develop a program or set of instructions

What is the processing unit in the context of an algorithm?

Unit where the input is processed to produce the desired output

What is the outcome or result of the program referred to as?


What are the characteristics of an algorithm input?

It is necessary and desired for the algorithm

What is the origin of the word 'Algorithm'?

Persian author Mohammad Ibn Musa Al Khowarizmi

What distinguishes an algorithm from a process or technique?

It is written in a natural language like English

What advantage does a well-designed algorithm offer for debugging?

Facilitates easy detection of logical errors

What does an algorithm serve as for program development?

A blueprint of a program

What characteristic makes an algorithm independent of programming language?

It can be coded by incorporating any language

Study Notes

Algorithm Basics

  • An algorithm is a well-defined procedure that takes some input and produces a corresponding output.
  • A problem in the context of algorithms is defined as a question or a task that needs to be solved.

Algorithm Components

  • The processing unit in the context of an algorithm is the part that executes the algorithm.
  • The outcome or result of the program is referred to as the output.

Algorithm Characteristics

  • Input characteristics: an algorithm's input should be well-defined, finite, and unambiguous.


  • The origin of the word 'Algorithm' comes from the name of the Persian mathematician al-Khwarizmi.

Algorithm vs Process

  • An algorithm is distinct from a process or technique in that it is a well-defined procedure with a clear start and end point, and its outcome is predictable.

Algorithm Advantages

  • A well-designed algorithm offers the advantage of easier debugging, as the logical steps are clear and easy to follow.
  • An algorithm serves as a blueprint or a roadmap for program development, guiding the coding process.

Algorithm Language Independence

  • An algorithm is independent of programming language, meaning it can be implemented in different languages.

Test your knowledge of algorithms with this quiz! Learn about the origins of the word "algorithm" and what it means. See if you can identify the key elements of an algorithm and its purpose.

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