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Who was the founder of the Mauryan Empire?

Chandragupta Maurya

Which emperor is known for spreading his Dhamma (teachings/philosophy)?


What were the salient features of the Mauryan administration?

Centralized bureaucracy

Which ruler annexed some portions of the Gangetic valley before departing?

Chandragupta Maurya

What caused the decline of the Mauryan Empire?

Internal rebellions

Which ruler is associated with the art and architecture of the Mauryas?


Who initiated a popular movement against the Nanda rule?

Chandragupta Maurya

Which region did Cyrus the Great capture during his expedition into India?


Who conquered the Indus valley in 518 B.C. and annexed Punjab and Sindh?

Darius I

Which ruler utilized Indian infantry and cavalry to strengthen his position?


During which invasion did Darius I send a naval expedition under Skylas to explore the Indus?

Cyrus' invasion

What does the text primarily discuss?

The details of Mauryan administration

Which language were Asoka's inscriptions written in?


What role did Asoka play in spreading Buddhism according to the Ceylonese Chronicles?

Promoting Buddhism in Sri Lanka

How many Major Rock Edicts are attributed to Asoka?


Where were the Kalinga Edicts found?

In the newly conquered territory

What do the Pillar Edict VII mainly focus on?

Asoka's efforts to promote Dhamma

Study Notes

Persian and Greek Invasions

  • Cyrus, the first Greek conqueror to enter India, captured the Gandhara region and all Indian tribes west of the Indus river submitted to him, paying tribute.
  • Darius I conquered the Indus valley in 518 B.C., annexing the Punjab and Sindh, which became the 20th Satrapy of his empire.
  • Xerxes utilized his Indian province to strengthen his position, deploying Indian infantry and cavalry to Greece to fight his opponents.

Alexander's Invasion

  • Alexander defeated Ambhi of Taxila, but not with the help of Porus.
  • The battle of Hydaspes was not fought on the Karri plain.
  • Alexander did not annex some portions of the Gangetic valley before his departure.

The Mauryan Empire

  • The foundation of the Mauryan Empire opened a new era in Indian history.
  • The oppressive tax collection by Dhana Nanda led to a popular movement against the Nanda rule, initiated by Chandragupta Maurya and Kautilya.
  • The general prosperity of the country brought enormous revenue to the royal treasury.

Study of the Mauryas

  • Sources for the study of the Mauryas include the works of Megasthenes, the Puranas, and Buddhist literature such as Jatakas.
  • The Ceylonese Chronicles Dipavamsa and Mahavamsa provide information on Asoka's role in spreading Buddhism in Sri Lanka.
  • Archaeological sources include Edicts of Asoka, which were first deciphered by James Princep in 1837.

Edicts of Asoka

  • The inscriptions of Asoka are written in Pali language and in some places Prakrit was used.
  • The Brahmi script was employed for writing, with Karoshti script used in northwestern India.
  • There are fourteen Major Rock Edicts, two Kalinga Edicts, and minor Rock and Pillar Edicts, which deal with Asoka's Dhamma and instructions to his officials.

Test your knowledge about Alexander the Great and his conquests by determining whether statements are true or false, and writing short notes on specific points. Topics covered include Xerxes, the battle of Hydaspes, annexation of Gangetic valley, and more.

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