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Aircraft Maintenance Diagrams

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What information is typically included in a revision block?

The description of the revision, the date, and the approver's initials

What is the purpose of the grid system on aircraft drawings?

To locate detailed views on large drawings

What do the vertical marks on an aircraft drawing represent?

Letters identifying vertical zones

What do the horizontal marks on an aircraft drawing represent?

Numbers identifying horizontal zones

What is the purpose of including dimensions on a drawing?

To show the shape of a part and provide accurate dimensions

What does a zone designation like C-7 indicate on an aircraft drawing?

A location on the drawing, 3 ft from the bottom and 7 ft from the right edge

What is the primary purpose of an Illustrated Parts Catalogue?

To show the location and part numbers of items installed on an aircraft

Which of the following is NOT considered acceptable data for maintenance and repair by the FAA?

Information from an Illustrated Parts Catalogue

What type of manual would you use to repair serious damage to an aircraft's primary and secondary structure?

Structural Repair Manual

What is the main purpose of a Wiring Manual?

To provide schematic diagrams to aid in electrical system troubleshooting

What is the main purpose of an Overhaul Manual?

To provide information about the repair and rebuilding of components that can be removed from an aircraft

What type of information does a maintenance manual approved by the FAA typically contain?

Acceptable data for the purpose of major repairs and alterations

What is the maximum temperature specified by ANSI standards for the film plane?

167 °F

Why should microform-reading machines be turned off when not in use?

To prevent overheating

What should be considered when selecting a reader lens size?

The reduction ratios used for filming

Why is it important to keep the glass flats clean?

To prevent dust and grime from damaging film

How often should equipment be inspected?


Who should be responsible for equipment maintenance?

Trained staff member

What was the primary issue with manufacturer's publications before the ATA specification?

They lacked uniformity among different publications

What is the main benefit of the ATA specification for aircraft maintenance technicians?

It allows technicians to quickly find maintenance information

What is the purpose of subsystem numbering in the ATA specification?

To identify the system and its components

What is the chapter number designated for the fire protection system in the ATA 100 specification?


What is the subject/unit number for fire detection equipment within the fire protection system?


What is the result of the ATA specification for maintenance information in transport aircraft?

It is arranged in the same way for all transport aircraft

What is a characteristic of a complete sectional view?

It allows only the inside of an object to be seen

What is the main purpose of a block diagram?

To help locate problems in a complex system

What type of information does a logic flow chart represent?

The mechanical, electrical, or electronic action of a system

What is the starting point of a logic flow chart?

The START symbol

What is the purpose of using graphical aids in troubleshooting?

To aid in locating problems in complex systems

What is the benefit of using block diagrams in troubleshooting?

It greatly enhances the troubleshooting process

Test your understanding of different types of diagrams used in aircraft maintenance, including sectional views, half-section views, and block diagrams. Learn how to interpret and create these diagrams with this quiz.

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