Air Pollution and Human Health

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Which gas primarily causes ocean acidification?

Carbon dioxide

What happens to seawater when carbon dioxide is absorbed by it?

It becomes more acidic

Which of the following is NOT a health problem caused by air pollution?


Which pollutants are transformed into secondary pollutants through physical and chemical reactions in the atmosphere?

Sulfur and nitrogen oxides

What are the two types of fuel that ships without abatement systems must be prepared to use?


What is the reason why more and more ships are being equipped with seawater scrubbers?

Greater capacity for SOx absorption

Which category of emission control options includes engine design techniques?

Engine design techniques

Which emission control method is specifically mentioned as a diesel aftertreatment method?

All of the above

Which technologies play an important role in reducing emissions and improving engine and vehicle efficiency?

Powertrain integration and control technologies

Which of the following is NOT a short-term symptom of breathing polluted air?

Eye irritation

Which of the following health problems can develop from regularly breathing polluted air over several years?

All of the above

Which of the following is NOT a ship-source pollutant closely linked to climate change and public health impacts?

Particulate matter

Which of the following is NOT an ozone depleting substance controlled by the Montreal Protocol?

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

What is the ozone depleting potential of bromotrifluoromethane (halon‑1301)?


What is the main objective of the Montreal Protocol?

To protect the earth's ozone layer

Test your knowledge on the harmful effects of air pollution and its impact on human health. Learn about the symptoms commonly associated with breathing polluted air and discover who is more susceptible to its adverse effects.

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