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Which AI program does Aida Hadzovic use to support argumentative writing skills?

Project Topeka

What is one benefit of using AI tools in teaching writing, according to Hadzovic?

Increase efficiency for teachers

What does Hadzovic emphasize as important when using AI tools in teaching writing?

Teaching students to use AI responsibly

Study Notes

Using AI to Teach Writing: A Middle School Teacher's Perspective

  • Aida Hadzovic is an innovative middle school English teacher who has used AI tools to teach writing.
  • She was initially hesitant about using AI but found it to be a game-changer in terms of her approach to teaching and writing.
  • Hadzovic uses Project Topeka, an AI program that provides real-time feedback to students to support argumentative writing skills.
  • She emphasizes the importance of the writing process and how AI tools can help students with revision and understanding the importance of evidence.
  • Hadzovic uses AI tools to personalize instruction for English language learners and other students who may need visuals or a lower reading level.
  • She believes that personalized learning is essential for every student and that AI tools make it more obtainable.
  • Some students initially expressed concerns about using AI in the grading process, but Hadzovic explains how AI works and how it can be used to improve writing.
  • She believes that giving all students the opportunity to experience AI is the first step in making learning equitable and encourages open discussions about bias and critical thinking.
  • Hadzovic sees AI playing a significant role in the future of teaching writing skills, as it can be used as a revising and editing tool for students and increase efficiency for teachers.
  • She emphasizes the need to teach students to use AI responsibly and to question more critically, rather than relying solely on AI tools.
  • Digital Promise is an organization that works with AI in education and provides resources for teachers to incorporate AI into their teaching practices.
  • Hadzovic's interdisciplinary approach to teaching writing with AI tools highlights the potential for technology to support and augment classroom teaching.

Test your knowledge on AI in education with this quiz inspired by Aida Hadzovic's experience using an AI program to teach writing to middle school students. Learn about the benefits of using AI tools in the classroom, such as personalized instruction and real-time feedback, as well as the importance of teaching students to use AI responsibly. Discover how AI can improve writing skills and increase efficiency for teachers. Take the quiz to see how much you know about the potential of AI in education!

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