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What was the main reason behind the Treaty of Tordesillas?

To divide the New World between Spain and Portugal

What was the primary motivation of France and England for their expansion to the northwest?

Acquiring power over new territories

How did Portugal react to Spain's new found wealth from the New World?

They wished to expand their borders as well

What was the impact of the Age of Discovery on European identity and citizenship?

Enhancement of European unity and nationalism

What role did the Pope play in the Treaty of Tordesillas?

He settled the division of the known world between Spain and Portugal

How did France and England respond to being left out of the Treaty of Tordesillas?

They decided to expand to the northwest

What was the result of the conquest of the Aztec and Incan empires in New Spain?

Great wealth for Spain and the shipment of precious metals and emeralds to Europe

What role did Queen Elizabeth I play in the raids on Spanish ships?

She ordered the raiding of Spanish ships for the benefit of England

What did Sir Francis Drake's attacks on Spanish treasure ships bring to England?

Wealth and gratitude from Queen Elizabeth I

What was a significant outcome of the military and economic success of England during the Age of Exploration?

A sense of confidence and pride among the English people

What did Europeans learn about Indigenous peoples as a result of the invention of printing?

Their communities operated on principles of equality and sharing

What led to the imperialist behavior of Europeans in Central and South America?

Their desire to mine for precious metals and set up plantations for export to Spain

What motivated English sailors to raid Spanish ships?

Envy towards the wealth brought to Spain through the shipment of precious metals and emeralds

What did the English shipyards develop in response to raiding Spanish ships?

Small, fast, highly manoeuvrable vessels ideal for attacking Spanish galleons

Test your knowledge about the Age of Discovery, imperialism, exploration, and intercultural contact, and their impact on European identity and citizenship. This quiz also includes questions about the Treaty of Tordesillas.

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