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Which type of analysis depends on measuring volume?

Volumetric Analysis

What is the main difference between UV-spectrophotometer and visible-spectrophotometer?

The range of electromagnetic radiation they measure

What are the basic components of a spectrophotometer?

Detector, sample holder, and light source

What is the relation between transmittance and absorbance in spectrophotometry?

They are inversely related

What are the general objectives of a spectrophotometry course?

Understanding the chemical structure and light absorption relation

Does spectrophotometry only involve the measurement of volume?


The relation between chemical structure and light absorption is not a factor in determining the light absorption of a compound.


Gravimetric analysis is a type of instrumental analysis.


Polarography is a type of titration method.


Visible-spectrophotometers and UV-spectrophotometers have the same basic components.


Test your knowledge of advanced pharmaceutical analysis, including spectroscopy, anion and cation analysis, volumetric analysis, acid-base titration, and instrumental analysis.

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