Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power

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What was the original name of the party that Adolf Hitler joined in 1919?

Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP; German Workers' Party)

Why did the DAP rename itself to NSDAP in 1920?

To win over left-wing German workers

What event in 1923 is also known as the Beer Hall Putsch?

Hitler and his supporters' attempted coup in Bavaria

How long was Hitler sentenced to prison after the Beer Hall Putsch?

Five years

What did Hitler write during his time in prison?

Mein Kampf

What event dramatically affected the German political landscape in 1929?

The 1929 Wall Street Crash

What did the Nazi Party initially have many elements of, despite being a right-wing party?

Anti-capitalist and anti-bourgeois elements

What were the main components of the Nazi party's platform during the 1920s?

anti-communism, antisemitism, and ultranationalism

Who defeated Hitler in the presidential election in 1932?

Paul von Hindenburg

What was the purpose of the Reichstag Fire Decree?

To severely curtail the liberties and rights of German citizens

What event led to Hitler's formal appointment as Germany's new chancellor in 1933?

The Reichstag Fire

What did the Enabling Act of 1933 grant the German government?

The power to override individual rights prescribed by the constitution

Who was hesitant to appoint Hitler as chancellor in 1933?

President von Hindenburg

What did the Great Depression bring to the German economy?

It brought the German economy to a halt and further polarized German politics

When did the Nazis become the largest party in the Reichstag?

July 1932

Who began supporting the Nazi Party out of fear of a communist takeover?

Business leaders

Test your knowledge of Adolf Hitler's rise to power in the Weimar Republic and his leadership in the early years of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP). Explore the key events and factors that contributed to Hitler's ascent to becoming the party leader.

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