Adobe Photoshop Interface Overview

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What does the Scale Tool do in Adobe Photoshop?

Resizes elements without distorting their proportions

What is the primary function of the Rotate Tool in Adobe Photoshop?

Adjusts the orientation of elements

Which panel in Adobe Photoshop acts as the command center for managing different layers?

Layers Panel

What does the Hue and Saturation tool allow you to adjust in Adobe Photoshop?

Color and intensity of the image

Which tool in Adobe Photoshop is used to control brightness, contrast, and tonal range?

Adjustment Tools

In Adobe Photoshop, which panel displays settings specific to the currently selected tool or layer?

Properties Panel

What is the purpose of the History Panel in Adobe Photoshop?

Tracking every editing action

Study Notes

Adobe Photoshop Interface Overview

  • The Application Frame is the main window of Photoshop, containing the document and other interface elements, and can be resized and moved to fit the workspace.

Interface Elements

  • The Application Bar at the top of the window contains menus for accessing different features, such as File, Edit, Image, and Layer, as well as the workspace switcher, search bar, and help button.


  • Panels are docked windows providing access to specific tools and settings, and can be opened, closed, rearranged, and docked in different places around the workspace.
  • Common panels include the Layers panel, the History panel, the Brushes panel, and the Adjustments panel.

Tools Panel

  • The Tools panel contains icons for different tools used to edit the image, each with its own options and settings adjustable in the Options bar.

Document Window

  • The Document Window displays the image, allowing zooming, panning, and making selections using the tools in the Tools panel.

Options Bar

  • The Options bar shows options and settings for the currently selected tool, allowing adjustments to brush size, opacity, hardness, and blending mode.

Status Bar

  • The Status bar displays information about the current document, including file size, resolution, and color mode, as well as the zoom level and cursor coordinates.


  • Photoshop has predefined workspaces that arrange panels and tools for different tasks, and can be switched between by clicking the Workspace icon in the Application bar.

Tools and Panels

Selection Tools

  • Marquee Tools: for making straight or curved selections in various shapes
  • Lasso Tools: for freehand selections, like outlining an object's irregular edges
  • Magic Wand: selects areas based on similar color values, great for separating foreground from background

Painting and Editing Tools

  • Brushes: available in various shapes and textures for creating strokes and adding details
  • Eraser: removes unwanted parts of the image, like a digital backspace
  • Gradient Tool: creates smooth transitions between colors, adding depth and dimension

Transformation Tools

  • Move Tool: repositions elements within the image

Learn about the main interface elements of Adobe Photoshop, including the Application Frame, Application Bar, and Panels. Familiarize yourself with the different features and tools available in Photoshop to enhance your editing skills.

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