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What is the role of a computer object in Active Directory?

Determining the functions that can be performed on the computer

What happens if a user tries to log on to an AD domain from a computer without a valid computer account?

The user cannot log in

How are computer object passwords in Active Directory managed?

They are created automatically when a computer is added to the domain

What are the steps involved in adding a computer to an Active Directory domain?

Creating a computer account and joining the computer to the domain

What does a computer do when it joins a domain in Active Directory?

Contacts a domain controller, establishes a trust relationship, and modifies its group memberships

What is the advantage of using groups for assigning permissions?

Simplifies granting additional users the same permissions by adding them to the group

When a user's access needs to be revoked, what action can be taken if the user is part of a group?

Simply remove the user's account from the group

What is the purpose of an access token in Windows Server?

To verify the user's rights to access a resource

When is the access token generated for a user in Windows Server?

When the user logs on

What is the impact of adding a user to a group while the user is logged on to the network in Windows Server?

The access token will not be updated until the user logs off and back on again

Test your knowledge of installing and configuring Active Directory with this quiz on creating computer objects, organizational units, and groups. Challenge yourself with questions on the management of computer accounts and the organization of Active Directory components.

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