Acidic Oxides

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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of acidic oxides?

They are always formed by the chemical combination of oxygen with metals

Which of the following is an example of an acidic oxide?

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

What happens when acidic oxides dissolve in water?

They form acidic solutions

Which of the following is an alternative name for acidic oxides?

Acid anhydrides

Are all non-metal oxides acidic oxides?

No, only some non-metal oxides are acidic oxides

Study Notes

Acidic Oxides

  • Non-metal oxides are not necessarily acidic oxides, although some may exhibit acidic properties.
  • Acidic oxides are characterized by their ability to dissolve in water to form an acid.
  • Examples of acidic oxides include CO2, SO2, and NO2.
  • Acidic oxides are also known as acid anhydrides.
  • When acidic oxides dissolve in water, they react with water to form an acid and a base.

Test your knowledge on acidic oxides and their properties with this quiz. Learn about their formation, reaction with water, and examples of common acidic oxides.

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