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What is the purpose of the TutAct activity in groups of 4-5?

To go head to head with other classmates in a series of email battles, playing the roles of customer and company.

What is the role of the customer in the email battle activity?

To find a product/service that they think is poor and send an email to the company (their friends) to complain.

What is the role of the company in the email battle activity?

To reply to the customer's complaint in a professional manner, using the RACE acronym.

What is the acronym used in the company's response to the customer's complaint?


What is required of each group in terms of equipment for the activity?

A laptop to send and receive emails.

What is the instructor's role in the email battle activity?

To receive a CC of the email exchange and monitor the activity.

Why is the instructor asking to receive a CC of the email exchange?

So he can 'laugh' or monitor the activity.

What is the deadline for the instructor's availability?

31st January (Wednesday)

What is the purpose of the student's personal email in the activity?

To send and receive emails with their group members.

What is the tone of the customer's initial email in the activity?

Complaining and dissatisfied, like a 'Karen'.

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