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What is the major purpose of descriptive research?

To describe the state of affairs as it exists at present

What is the primary focus of qualitative research?

Phenomena relating to or involving a kind

What does the term 'bully pulpit' refer to in research?

Expressing one's view as opposed to another researcher's

What characterizes applied research?

Finding solutions for immediate societal problems

What distinguishes analytical research from other types?

Uses facts or information already available for critical evaluation

Study Notes

Research Types and Characteristics

  • The primary purpose of descriptive research is to thoroughly describe a phenomenon or a situation, often providing a snapshot of a particular moment in time.

Qualitative Research

  • The primary focus of qualitative research is to gain a deep understanding of a phenomenon or a situation, often through non-numerical data and interpretation.

Research Concepts

  • The term 'bully pulpit' refers to a position of authority or power that provides an opportunity to influence or persuade others, often used in social science research.

Applied Research

  • Applied research is characterized by its practical application of scientific knowledge to solve a specific problem or improve a particular situation.

Analytical Research

  • Analytical research is distinguished from other types by its focus on breaking down complex phenomena into smaller parts to understand the relationships and underlying mechanisms.

Test your knowledge of research ethics with this quiz on academic integrity. Explore topics such as plagiarism, the bully pulpit, and ethical conduct in research. See how well you understand these key concepts and their implications for scholarly work.

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