Matt Walsh Controversies Quiz
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Matt Walsh Controversies Quiz

Test your knowledge of the controversial statements and actions made by conservative columnist Matt Walsh. Explore the various comments and events that have led to criticism and suspension from his job.

Questions and Answers

What did Matt Walsh do to an intern?

Forced them to expose themselves

What was Matt Walsh's speech at a tea party rally about?

The need to go to extremes

What has been the consequence of Matt Walsh's comments?


Study Notes

  • Matt Walsh is a conservative columnist and What is a Woman filmmaker who has made racist and sexist comments.
  • He recently said that the United States may have lost its republic after Reconstruction, criticizing the country's first attempt at a multiracial democracy.
  • Walsh also encouraged subordinates to participate in sexually demeaning stunts, coercing an intern into exposing himself and allowing Walsh to shock him with a stun gun "in the ass."
  • Walsh attracted attention with a speech at a tea party rally glorifying violence, saying that "if you want extreme things to happen, you have to be willing to take — to go to extremes."
  • On air, Walsh expanded and doubled down on his comments, saying that "if you want extreme change, you must take extreme action. … You have to make people hurt."
  • Walsh has been criticized for his comments and has been suspended from his job.

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