A Christmas Carol Summary

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What was engraved on the unkempt grave that Scrooge saw?

Ebenzer Scrooge

How did Scrooge feel upon realizing the identity of the deceased in the unkempt grave?

Sad and remorseful

What transformation did Scrooge undergo after his awakening on Christmas morning?

He became a better man

What gesture did Scrooge make towards the Cratchit family to celebrate Christmas?

He sent them a huge Christmas turkey

What action did Scrooge take towards Tiny Tim the day after Christmas?

He gave Tiny Tim a raise in pay

Who is the character that Scrooge met at Bob Cratchit's family feast?

Tiny Tim

What color was the robe of the Ghost of Christmas Present?


Which spirit showed Scrooge the death of a disliked man?

Ghost of Christmas Future

What made Belle realize that Scrooge would never love her as much?

Scrooge's obsession with money

Why did a poor couple rejoice over a disliked man's death?

They were relieved of a debt

Test your knowledge on the summary of 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens, focusing on the encounters of Scrooge with the Ghost of Christmas Past and the Ghost of Christmas Present.

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