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Calabarzon, formally known as?

Southern Tagalog Mainland

five provinces

Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Quezon, and Rizal

Cavite is characterized by?

rolling hinterlands punctured by hills

The region is the 12th largest region in the Philippines?



16,873.31 km2 (6,514.82 sq mi

Cavite is shoreline bordering ?

Manila Bay

cavite rugged portion bordering Batangas near?

Mount Pico de Loro.

Tagaytay is located in


highest peak in the province and can be found in Tagaytay.

Mount Sungay

How many islands in cavite?


,most notable island is?


found at the mouth of Manila Bay?


Laguna has or describe ?

rugged terrain, with narrow plains near the shores

mountainous ranges further inland


largest lake in the Philippines,

Laguna de Bay

named after the town of Bay.

laguna de Bay

home of Mount Makiling, a dormant volcano?


reputed for its mystical properties.

Los Baños

There are also a lot of hot springs near the

Makiling area,

Another famous landmark in Laguna are the

Pagsanjan Falls, in Cavinti.

The water from the Pagsanjan Falls comes from the?

bumbungan river

borders Laguna and Quezon

mount banahaw

holy mountain like Makiling

mount banahaw

The Batangas area is?

mostly elevated, with small low flat lands and scattered mountain areas.

home of the Taal Volcano?


The Taal Volcano is situated within?

taal lake

making Taal a third-order island, and possibly one of the largest in the world

taal lake

Other islands in Batangas

Verde Island, Fortune Island in Nasugbu.

Batangas borders Cavite via

Mount Pico de Loro

2 mountains that can be found in batangas?

Macolod, Batulao

Rizal is situated?

north of Laguna de Bay

Rizal is consist of ?

mixture of valleys and mountain ranges

The eastern portion of Rizal?

hills and ridges which form part of the Sierra Madre range.

largest island in Laguna de Bay

Talim Island,

Quezon province is ?

mountainous, with few plains and swamps,

comprising the southern part of the province

Tayabas Isthmus

quezon southern part also consists of the ?

Bondoc Peninsula

Bondoc Peninsula, sandwiched between the

Tayabas Bay and Ragay Gulf

The largest islands in Quezon are

Alabat and Polillo

Laguna shares a border with Quezon via?

Mount Banahaw.

A vast majority of people living in CALABARZON are?


considered the "Heartland of Tagalog Culture" ?


also home to a sizable amount of people


language of business and education.


Laguna is known for ?

embroidery, wood carving, and papier-mâché (locally known as taka)

has harvest festivals and flamboyantly decorated houses.


has artisan villages and art galleries.


name from the Tagalog word for “wild boar”

Barako coffee (

typical of the Philippines, they are also known as Pili nuts.

Pili fruits (Canarium ovatum)

is a freshwater sardine found exclusively in the Philippines.

The tawilis (Sardinella tawilis)

taal population spawns during the months

April to July,

Avilon Zoo


Masungi Georeserve


Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort


Hulugan Falls


A showcase of the ‘tree of life’

Coconut Festival,

A colourful harvest festival dating back to the 15th century,

Pahiyas Festival,

A fiesta in honour of San Clemente, patron saint of fishermen, with papier-mâché giants and a river procession.

Higantes Festival,

Test your knowledge about Calabarzon, the region formerly known as Southern Tagalog. This quiz covers information about its provinces, size, and features.

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