2000 Summer Paralympics: Australia's Performance

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Which Australian athlete won the most gold medals in S14 swimming events?

Siobhan Paton

Who was the flag bearer at the closing ceremony of the event?

Neil Fuller

How many gold medals did Lisa McIntosh win in athletics?


Which athlete won three gold medals in wheelchair athletics events?

Greg Smith

How many individual gold medals did Amy Winters win?


What is 'Usury' specifically condemned in?

Bible and Shari’ah law

In modern financial markets, the distinctions between interest, rent, profit, and capital appreciation are:

Not clear-cut

According to economic theory, what is interest?

The price paid for inducing those with money to save it rather than spend it

What is the relationship between bond prices and prevailing interest rates?

Bond prices fall when yields increase

How is a real rate of interest calculated?

Nominal rate minus the rate at which money is losing its value

In economic theory, what is the price paid for inducing those with money to save it rather than spend it, and to invest in long-term assets rather than hold cash?


What is the inverse relationship between at any one time and the discounted value at that time of assets paying interest?

Bond prices fall when yields increase

What is the specific practice condemned in both the Bible and in Shari’ah law?


What is the basis on which modern Islamic banks operate?


What kind of rate reflects the interaction between the supply of savings and the demand for capital, or between the demand for and the supply of money?

Interest rates

Test your knowledge about Australia's performance at the 2000 Summer Paralympics in Sydney. Learn about the team, participation, and medal tally in this quiz.

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