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Firefighter Takes the Heat

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What could one conclude from the first paragraph?

A. J Coston's job is rather demanding and takes a lot of his free time.

In the second paragraph, it says that...

He was into taking up a profession since boyhood.

To balance his school and firefighting classes, an author had to...

Have his firefighting classes after school

It states in the 4th paragraph that...

An author was never allowed into the burning building without proper training.

When it comes to teamwork in the crew, A. J. Coston reckons that it is...

Very important to ensure the safety of all the members of the team.

A. J. Coston gives the example of a kid he rescued the other day to...

Explain what he is very proud of as a firefighter.

Test your understanding of A. J. Coston's story by answering questions based on specific paragraphs. This quiz focuses on drawing conclusions, understanding balancing conflicting commitments, and evaluating opinions and examples from the text.

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