12th Class Bihar Board Exam: Previous Years' Questions

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Which of the following is a characteristic of the 12th class Bihar board exam?

It is conducted annually

When are the previous exam questions for the 12th class Bihar board typically accessible?

Before the exam

What is the frequency of the previous exam questions for the 12th class Bihar board?

Every year

What unifying theme in biology explains the unity and diversity of life?


What is the primary unit of structure and function in all organisms?


Which major class of organisms includes protists, fungi, plants, and animals?


At what level of organization do biologists study molecular biology and genetics?

Cellular level

What is the fundamental process that allows organisms to move, grow, and reproduce?

Energy processing

What is the result of the interaction between the male and female reproductive systems during sexual intercourse?

Fertilization of the ovum by the sperm to form a zygote

What is the typical chromosome composition of a zygote?

23 pairs of chromosomes

What process initiates the 9-month gestation period in human reproduction?

Fertilization of the ovum

What must occur in individuals before engaging in sexual intercourse or achieving pregnancy through non-penetrative means?

Ovulation in females and the spermarche in males

What renders humans infertile before puberty?

Lack of reproductive function in their genitals

Test your knowledge of the characteristics, frequency, and accessibility of previous exam questions for the 12th class Bihar board. Explore the distinct features of these questions and enhance your understanding of the exam pattern.

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