The Ultimate Guide to the Best Student Apps To Help You Survive High School, College & Beyond

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Student Apps To Help You Survive High School, College & Beyond Header Image

Gone are the days when a stack of textbooks and a sturdy highlighter were your best bet for acing those exams.

Today, the best student apps super helpful companions, and are secret weapons for tackling the academic battlefield.

They say technology can be distracting, but imagine using it to turbocharge your learning instead of just upping your meme game.

But let's be real: not all apps are the same. Some promise the academic world and deliver a globe, at best. And we know it's easy to download a digital toolbox so bloated, it could sink your phone's memory faster than your procrastination sinks your study time. But don’t worry.

We have brought you the apps that will redefine how you study, organize, and absolutely crush your academic goals.

Productivity & Time Management Apps

Let's face it – managing time in school is like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded. One minute you're attending lectures, and the next, you're buried under a pile of assignments with deadlines tighter than your jeans after Thanksgiving. But the age of scribbled notes and forgotten deadlines is over, thanks to some game-changing productivity apps.

Calendar apps

Apps like Fantastical and Google Calendar are your new best friends for keeping track of, well, everything. These are like having a personal assistant in your pocket, minus the coffee runs. From class schedules to group meetings, they've got your back, ensuring you're always at the right place at the right time.

Pomodoro & time tracking apps

What about those moments when you’re staring at the screen, and the only thing getting worked out is your snack drawer?

Pomodoro & time tracking champions (Forest and RescueTime) don’t just count down minutes. They can help make those minutes count.

Forest keeps your focus game strong by letting you grow a virtual forest – kill the focus, and you'll be left with a digital desert.

The trees and shrubs you can grow in the digital forest are so cute you won't want them to die

RescueTime, on the other hand, is the personal coach who tells you where your time goes, but without the pep talks.


These are the heavy hitters of the productivity apps league. Todoist is versatile, and doesn’t play around when it comes to getting things done.

Things 3, however, is that cool, minimalist app that helps you manage tasks without the fuss or frills.

Note-Taking & Research Apps

Let's be honest: sifting through notes like a detective at a crime scene or battling with bibliographies isn't anyone's idea of fun. But don’t worry, these apps for students transform your device into a powerhouse of knowledge management and save your grades.

Note Taking

You can actually turn your device into an all-seeing, all-recording and all-organizing genie. Whether you're sketching out complex diagrams or voice-recording a fast-talking lecturer, Notability and Evernote can help. With these tools in your academic arsenal, you’ll be capturing, organizing, and retrieving information like a pro.

Mind Maps

For those moments when your brain feels like a web of thoughts, Mind Node is an app turns chaotic ideas into a visually stunning and easy-to-follow map. It’s the GPS for your thoughts, to ensure you never lose your way in the web of your own ideas.

Mind maps never looked so good as in Mind Node

Citation Generators

Zotero and EasyBib are citation generators as well as your personal academic assistants. They meticulously organize your research sources and ensure your bibliographies are accurate. With these apps, the days of citation nightmares and bibliography blunders are a thing of the past.

Task & Project Management Apps

The times when managing school projects meant a flurry of sticky notes and a backpack bursting with papers are over. Today's task management apps are the superheroes of your academic world – just without the cape.

To-Do Lists

Your to-do lists can get a digital makeover. These apps as your personal project managers. With Trello’s visually intuitive boards and Todoist’s satisfying 'ding' every time you tick off a task, staying on top of your academic game becomes less of a chore and more of a triumph.

Task Tracking

But what about when the assignments start piling up, and your team project feels like herding cats?

Asana and Notion swoop in are workflow & assignment tracking apps that can turn chaotic group work into a harmonious blend of organized tasks and deadlines.

Imagine having all your assignments, resources, and collaborations in one place – these apps make it happen.

File Sharing

Google Drive helps in times when you need to share files fast.

Collaboration & file sharing? Check.

Access your work from any device, anywhere, anytime? Double check.

Best of all - it's free for most users.

Learning & Educational Apps

Most people think of their phone as a distraction factory. But what if we told you that the best student apps are ready to turn your smartphone into an academic buddy?

Yes, your pocket device can be learning tools, if you know where to look.

Flashcard & quiz makers

Remember when flashcards were just boring index cards? Quizgecko laughs in the face of those ancient relics. It's the kind of app that makes you wonder how students managed to memorize anything before smartphones. You can now supercharge your memory with a tap.

Language learning

Say 'au revoir' to boring language classes and 'hola' to Duolingo and Babbel. These apps teach languages as well as transform your phone into a multicultural guru. They are your personal language tutors, but without the hefty tutoring fees (although you do have to put up with a notoriously bossy owl if you choose Duolingo - don't say we didn't warn you).

The Duolingo owl might look sweet but he WILL be judging you

Tutoring & homework help

Stuck on a tricky problem? Chegg is that know-it-all classmate, but way more helpful and far less annoying. It's your secret weapon against brain-busting homework, providing answers and explanations at lightning speed – no judgment, just help.

Educational video lessons

If you think educational videos are yawn-inducing lectures, Khan Academy will make you eat your words. It's like having a world-class teacher in your pocket, ready to explain complex concepts in ways that actually stick.

Who needs a private tutor when you have Khan Academy?

Apps for High School Students

Think high school’s all about lugging around heavy textbooks and scribbling notes till your hand cramps?

Time to meet the new school squad: high-tech apps that are redefining homework, note-taking, and time management.

Homework and assignment trackers

Gone are the days of missed deadlines and 'dog ate my homework' excuses. Apps like myHomework and School Planner help with assignment tracking. These apps store your homework details and they practically nudge you to the finish line with reminders and motivational pats on the back.

And let's be honest, who doesn't need a nudge now and then?

Top note-taking apps that make you want to study

Yes, you read that right – note-taking apps that make studying less of a chore and more of a charm.

Notability and OneNote are the wizards of the app world. They transform those chaotic class notes into neatly organized digital files. These apps even turn your scribbles into something you might actually want to review. And let’s face it, revisiting notes shouldn’t feel like a trip to the dentist.

Digital notes can look just like your paper ones, but more powerful with Notability

Time management

High school’s not just about academics. You need to also find balance. Apps like Forest and Focus Keeper can count down study minutes and make every second count, so you can have time for, you know, real life.

They help you focus and manage your study sessions, proving that time management isn’t a myth taught by adults but a reality made easier with the right tools.

Apps for College Students

Who said college life was just about lectures and libraries?

Venmo, food delivery apps, and other life organization apps that are life-savers on campus. They are your behind-the-scenes squad, streamlining everything that textbooks don’t cover.

Venmo isn't just for splitting pizza bills anymore. It's the financial app that keeps awkward money talks at bay. And let’s face it, cooking can feel like a lab experiment gone wrong. That's where food delivery apps can help – your culinary heroes delivering everything from brain-boosting breakfasts to late-night study snacks. These are your ticket to a smoother, more organized college life.

Sure, they won’t write your thesis for you, but they’ll save you time and hassle – and that’s pretty close. So, while you're acing that paper, let these apps handle the life admin.

Student apps like these are essential tools in your college survival kit. Because who wouldn’t want a little less chaos and a little more convenience in their student life?

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