The 6 Best Quizlet Alternatives in 2024 (Free & Paid Options)

The 6 Best Quizlet Alternatives in 2024 (Free & Paid Options) Header Image

Quizlet has become a popular choice for students, teachers, and businesses who want to create quizzes to improve their learning practice. However, it’s always worthwhile exploring alternatives on the market to make sure you have the right tool for the best learning experience. Read on to find out more about the best Quizlet alternatives available in 2024, but first, what is Quizlet?

Introduction to Quizlet

Quizlet is a web-based and mobile learning platform primarily focused on creating and utilizing flashcards and quizzes. Users can either build their own study sets or browse a vast library of pre-made sets covering various topics, subjects, and textbooks. It is well known for its ‘Quizlet Live’ feature, which transforms study sets into real-time, competitive quizzes for individuals or teams. Players answer multiple-choice questions and race to the top of the leaderboard, earning points and battling for victory.

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1. Anki

Anki is an open-source flashcard program designed to help users actively recall information for long-term memory retention. While powerful and customizable, it offers a steeper learning curve due to its extensive features and requires self-discipline to maintain an effective review schedule.

Anki homepage

Who does Anki suit best?

Anki is best suited to individual users or students who have the time and inclination to build and customize their quizzes themselves.

Anki Pros:

  • Highly customisable. Being an open source app, with its variety of card types, formatting options, and add-ons, Anki caters to those who like tailoring their learning experience.
  • Built around the principle of spaced repetition. A learning technique which encourages you to review information at intervals in order to improve long term memory.
  • Vast Anki community. There are many devotees of Anki who use forums such as Reddit to swap tips on how to get the most out of Anki.

Anki Cons:

  • There is a very limited web app. You can’t access the full features of Anki on the web, so you’ll need to download an app onto your phone or computer to try it out.
  • It is less user friendly. Being an open source app, Anki is a lot less user friendly than many other quiz tools and has no dedicated support team to assist you.
  • No in-built AI functionality. Although there is a basic third party ChatGPT AI extension, there’s no pre-built AI option to help users to quickly develop useful flashcards.

Anki Cost:

Anki is free to use except for the iOS app which is a one-off cost of $24.99 for all users.

2. Quizgecko

Of course we couldn’t write this article without mentioning Quizgecko! After all, we’re an online platform which utilizes artificial intelligence to help users generate quizzes and flashcards quickly and easily.

Quizgecko homepage

Who does Quizgecko suit best?

Quizgecko is brilliant for students who want an easy way to help them memorize and revise technical or detailed information to help their general learning or study for specific exams. Teachers who want to set their students more challenging, niche or age appropriate quizzes to check in on progress or set as homework tasks will also greatly benefit from Quizgecko.

Quizgecko Pros:

  • Dedicated to AI. AI has always been an important part of Quizgecko, which is why it’s been fully integrated into the platform from the start. Using AI to generate questions saves users from having to set them themselves, which can lead to a more rewarding quiz experience. As well as having AI-generated questions, users can also edit the results to create their perfect quiz.
  • Handles complex information well. Quizgecko has the ability to create high quality quizzes from even information dense sources. In fact, you can even upload documents and Quizgecko will scan up to 100,000 characters – that’s 86% more than Quizlet!

Quizgecko Cons:

  • Quiz focused. Quizgecko is dedicated to providing the best quiz generator experience out there. But this does mean that if you’re looking for other tools offered by Quizlet, such as AI tutoring, you won’t find them at Quizgecko.

Quizgecko Cost:

Quizgecko has a basic free plan which allows users to get a free introduction to the tool. Quizgecko’s paid plans are easy to sign up for and cancel.

For Students:

Plan Name Plan Price
Premium Monthly $16 / month
Premium Yearly $64 / year

For Teachers:

Plan Name Plan Price
Educator Premium $79 / year

For Individuals & Businesses:

Plan Name Plan Price
Basic $24 / month
Plus $64 / month
Premium $120 / month
Enterprise From $500 / month (billed annually)

3. Kahoot!

Kahoot! was founded in 2012, but the pandemic saw it spike in popularity when students and teachers made it one of the most popular educational apps as schools were locked down making learning online the only alternative. With its energizing game-show feel, Kahoot! cranks up the friendly competition aspect of learning with a special emphasis on live quizzes that users play together.

Kahoot! homepage

Who does Kahoot! suit best?

Kahoot! is best designed for large groups, such as classes, who can play Kahoot!’s games together and track their progress on the leaderboard, using competition to encourage learning. Kahoot!’s bright and colorful characters and designs have proved popular with children worldwide.

Kahoot! Pros:

  • Lots of themed games to choose from. Kahoot! is best known for its energetic games filled with music, points and quirky characters. They also release special games for seasonal celebrations, which helps to keep learning fresh and entertaining.
  • Easy to use. With a simple interface, most users find it easy to set up and use. For live games, users can just enter a code to join without the need to create an account, so starting a shared game is a smooth and quick experience.

Kahoot! Cons:

  • Confusing pricing. With so many plans available, it’s hard to know which one is best for your needs and to make sure you’re getting the best value for your budget.
  • Poor customer reviews. Kahoot! is rated ‘Bad’ on Trustpilot, with many users complaining about billing practices, a lack of refunds, and a poor cancellation experience.
  • Limited collaboration. Since competition is a key element of many of Kahoot!’s offerings, there are fewer opportunities for collaboration.

Kahoot! Cost:

Although students can use a limited Kahoot! account for free, Kahoot! offers many different paid plans for users to choose from based on their use case. Costs vary based on how many users will be on the account and which features you want access to.

For Teachers:

Plan Name Plan Price
Kahoot!+ Start $3.99 per teacher / month
Kahoot!+ Premier $7.99 per teacher / month
Kahoot!+ Max $9.87 per teacher / month
Kahoot! EDU Standard School & District $12.99 per teacher / month
Kahoot! EDU Pro School & District $17.99 per teacher / month

For Individuals:

Plan Name Plan Price
Kahoot! 360 Standard $17 per host / month
Kahoot! 360 Presenter $27 per host / month
Kahoot! 360 Pro $49 per host / month
Kahoot!+ Start (for personal use) $7.99 per user / month
Kahoot!+ Premier (for personal use) $11.99 per user / month
Kahoot! Kids $2.99 per user / month

For Students:

Plan Name Plan Price
Kahoot!+ Start for students $3.99 per user / month
Kahoot!+ Premier for students $7.99 per user / month

4. Quizizz

Quizizz is an online quiz platform designed for educators and students to create, share, and participate in interactive quizzes. Quizizz focuses on helping students prepare for exams and grading, such as STAAR and CAASPP, with multiple choice questions where users can compete to test their knowledge and get to the top of the leaderboards.

Quizizz homepage

Who does Quizizz suit best?

Quizizz is geared towards teachers and educators who are looking for a fun way to engage their students in class or by assigning quizzes as homework assignments.

Quizizz Pros:

  • Integrates into LMS platforms. For teachers and educators, being able to integrate their quizzes into their existing system, such as Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology is a huge plus.
  • Large activity library. Quizizz has 30m pre-built teacher-created activities available for users to choose from.
  • Detailed performance reports. Users can see real-time insights to judge student performance. These can be shared with colleagues, or used to view overall school performance.

Quizizz Cons:

  • Poor quiz experience. Users on Trustpilot have complained about lagging quizzes, incorrect answers, and difficulties with customer service.
  • Pricing. For individual users, Quizizz is more expensive than other options if you don’t want to stick with the limitations of the free plan.

Quizizz Cost:

Quizizz offers a Basic free plan, which gives limited access to the Quizizz library. For premium plans, Quizizz requires you to request a quote for schools or districts. They also have two plans available for businesses.

For Businesses:

Plan Name Plan Price
Essential $50 / month
Enterprise POA

5. Brainscape

Brainscape is a web and mobile flashcard platform offering adaptive spaced repetition for studying diverse subjects. Users create or upload flashcards with text, images, and sounds, then rate their understanding on a scale.

Brainscape homepage

Who does Brainscape suit best?

Brainscape thrives on independent initiative and so is best suited to self-directed learners. Users need to create or find their own flashcards and stick to the review schedule for best results.

Brainscape Pros:

  • Detailed flashcards options. Users can choose to include text, images, and even sounds for more engaging and comprehensive learning.
  • Huge flashcard library. If you don’t want to create your own flashcards, Brainscape has over 1 million flashcard classes to choose from, covering a wide variety of topics and exams.
  • Easy to use. Brainscape has great Trustpilot reviews, with many users saying they appreciate the simplicity of the app.

Brainscape Cons:

  • Flashcard specific. If you’re looking for more than flashcards, such as quizzes, then Brainscape is not the right Quizlet alternative for you.

Brainscape Cost:

Individuals can use and create unlimited flashcards Brainscape for free. However, you won’t be able to access Brainscape’s advanced features, such as adding images and sounds to flashcards without purchasing a premium plan. Brainscape also offers plans for companies and schools, but you’ll need to speak to their sales team to learn more.

Plan Name Plan Price
Pro Monthly $19.99 / month
Pro Semester $59.94 / every 6 months
Pro Year $95.88 / year
Pro Lifetime $199.99 / one-time payment

6. Slides With Friends

Slides With Friends is a browser-based interactive presentation platform focused on engagement and collaboration. Presenters create slides similar to PowerPoint or Google Slides, but their audience can actively participate through real-time polls, quizzes, open-ended responses, and sound reactions.

Slides with Friends homepage

Who does Slides With Friends suit best?

Professionals and educators who want to keep their audiences engaged when presenting new information or running virtual team building activities. The slide format will suit anyone who needs to create a deck.

Slides With Friends Pros:

  • Makes presentations interactive. Instead of presenting using a standard slide deck, users can keep their audience interested by getting them to participate in live polls and quizzes.
  • Variety of question types. Users can adapt and vary their question style with polls, quizzes, word clouds and more to choose from.

Slides With Friends Cons:

  • No monthly plan. Although users can pay for a single month – to cover a planned event or meeting, for example – this ends up being a lot more expensive than the monthly cost if you buy an annual subscription.

Slides With Friends Cost:

Slides With Friends does offer a free plan to users, where up to 10 people can engage with the activities within the presentation.

Plan Name Plan Price
Starter (One Month) $35 / one month
Pro (One Month) $99 / one month
Starter (Annual) $96 / year
Pro (Annual) $288 / year

Exploring alternatives to Quizlet is a wise move, as finding the right tool can vastly improve your learning experience. Ultimately, the best Quizlet alternative depends on your individual needs and learning style or teaching needs. Consider the following questions:

  • What content are you studying or teaching? (Technical, exam-focused, general knowledge?)
  • Do you prefer individual or group learning?
  • What features are most important to you? (Game elements, AI assistance, specific question types?)
  • What is your budget?

By carefully evaluating these factors and reviewing the information provided in this article, you can choose the best platform to unlock your full learning potential. Remember, trial periods and free plans are your friend – you can always test out different options before committing to a paid subscription!

We hope that you think that Quizgecko is the tool that is the best Quizlet alternative to meet your needs – try us for free today.

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