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What is The Voice?

Who created The Voice?

How many different versions of The Voice have been produced worldwide?

What are the five stages of competition in The Voice?

What is the show's cornerstone?

What is the All-Star format in The Voice?

What is the Cross-Battle in The Voice?

What is The Playoff Pass in The Voice US?

What is The Voice of the Ocean?


The Voice is an international reality television singing competition franchise based on The Voice of Holland, created by John de Mol and Roel van Velzen. It has become a rival to other franchises like Idols, The Four, Rising Star, and The X Factor. The franchise was owned by Talpa Network until 2020 and is now owned by ITV Studios. Seven different versions of The Voice have been produced by countries/regions worldwide, with some programs still sticking to the original format while others have added twists. The show's format features five stages of competition: producers' auditions, blind auditions, battle rounds, knockouts (since 2012), and live performance shows. The show's cornerstone is social media participation via Twitter, Facebook, and a specially designed platform called "connect." The show has multiple format variations, including blind audition twists like "no conversations if no turn," "block button," "mute button," "wildcard round," "switch," and "no limit." Battle twists include "non-stop steal" and "no-elimination."Twists and Formats Introduced in The Voice Franchise

  • Coaches can retain both contestants as a duo if they get consent from both contestants in the battle round, and they become a team for the rest of the competition.
  • The Playoff Pass was introduced in the 23rd season of The Voice US, where coaches can advance both artists of a battle, and the recipient of the "pass" will bypass the knockouts and go directly to the playoffs.
  • The Knockout round in The Voice South Africa, Nigeria, and The Voice: la plus belle voix (France) has a Safe Zone and a Danger Zone, and coaches can only send three contestants to the Safe Zone. Contestants in the Danger Zone can be saved by the coach, stolen by another coach, eliminated, or saved by the audience's vote.
  • The Cross-Battle was introduced in the semi-finals of The Voice of Holland, The Voice Brasil, The Voice of Greece, The Voice (US), The Voice, la plus belle voix (France), and Glasat na Bulgaria. Two contestants from different teams compete against each other, and the public vote determines who will advance.
  • The All-Star format was introduced in The Voice Australia, The Voice of Germany, and The Voice Portugal, where former contestants from past seasons compete with new talents.
  • A non-televised show, The Voice of the Ocean (US) with Princess Cruises, The Voice of the Sea (Italian) with Costa Cruises, The Voice Univa and The Voice Teens Univa (Spanish) with Grupo Telecentro in México, was introduced.
  • The Voice franchise has produced 595 winners in 65 countries/regions across its various formats, such as The Voice, The Voice Kids, The Voice Teens, The Voice Senior, The Voice All Stars, The Voice Rap, The Voice Generations, and The Voice Native Songs.


How well do you know The Voice franchise? Test your knowledge with our quiz and discover the various twists and formats that have been introduced in different countries/regions worldwide. From blind audition twists to battle rounds with safe and danger zones, explore the different stages of the competition and see if you can name the winners from various formats like The Voice Kids, The Voice Senior, and The Voice All Stars. Get ready to show off your expertise in all things related to The Voice.

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