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What is the origin of the word trivia?

What is the name of the board game released in 1982 that is similar to trivia contests?

What is the largest current trivia contest and where is it held?

What are Trivia, More Trivia, and All Trivia?

What is the University of Colorado Trivia Bowl?

Where are trivia contests commonly held?

What did the ancient Romans use the word triviae to describe?

What is the goal of many bars and restaurants when hosting weekly trivia nights?

What are some examples of online trivia quizzes and games?


Summary: Knowledge of Little Consequence

  • Trivia is a term used to describe information and data that is of little value and can be contrasted with general knowledge and common sense.
  • The word trivia is derived from the Latin word triviae, meaning a place where a road split into two, creating a three-way intersection.
  • The term trivia dates back to the 1960s, when college students introduced question-and-answer contests to their universities.
  • A board game, Trivial Pursuit, was released in 1982 in the same vein as these contests.
  • Trivia contests have been established at various academic levels, as well as casual venues such as bars and restaurants.
  • The ancient Romans used the word triviae to describe where one road split or forked into two roads.
  • Trivia was used as a title by Logan Pearsall Smith in 1902, followed by More Trivia and All Trivia in 1921 and 1933, respectively, collections of short "moral pieces" or aphorisms.
  • The largest current trivia contest is held in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point's college radio station WWSP 89.9 FM.
  • The two longest continuous trivia contests in the world are the Great Midwest Trivia Contest at Lawrence University and the Williams Trivia Contest.
  • Many bars and restaurants host weekly trivia nights in an effort to draw in more patrons, especially during weeknights.
  • The University of Colorado Trivia Bowl was a mostly student contest featuring a single-elimination tournament based on the GE College Bowl.
  • Trivia has been popularized in recent years, with many online trivia quizzes and games available.


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