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What is steaming?

What are some tools that can be used for steaming food?

How long has the technique of steaming been used for cooking?

What makes steaming a faster and more energy-efficient cooking method than boiling water?

What is the texture of food cooked by steaming?

What types of dishes are often steamed in Western cooking?

Why are steamed meat dishes less common in Chinese restaurants than in traditional home cooking?

What are some examples of food that can be prepared by steaming?

What nutrients are most affected by steaming?


Steaming as a Healthy Cooking Technique

  • Steaming is a cooking method that uses steam to cook food and is considered a healthy cooking technique.
  • Food can be steamed in a food steamer or a wok.
  • The technique of steaming has been used for cooking for over 5000 years, with early steam cookers made of stoneware found in China's Yellow River Valley.
  • Steaming can be faster and more energy-efficient than cooking in boiling water due to the excellent thermodynamic heat transfer properties of steam.
  • Steaming works by boiling water continuously and allowing the steam to cook through the food, resulting in a moist texture.
  • Vegetables are often steamed in Western cooking, while seafood and meat dishes are steamed in Chinese cuisine.
  • Steamed meat dishes are less common in Chinese restaurants than in traditional home cooking due to longer cooking times.
  • Steamed clams and tamales are also prepared by steaming.
  • Steaming can help prevent overcooking or burning of food and is preferred by individuals who want to avoid additional fat intake.
  • The most affected nutrients by steaming are folic acid and vitamin C, with a 15% reduction in both compared to raw consumption.
  • Steaming retains glucosinolates in broccoli, phenolic compounds in food, and β-carotene in carrots.
  • Steaming is also used to make Japanese sweets, such as manju, yōkan, uirō, karukan, and suama.


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