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What is popular culture?

What categories does popular culture encompass?

What is the difference between high culture and low culture?

What is corporate branding?

What is personal branding?

What is social media?

What is the impact of films and cinema on popular culture?

What is the impact of social media on films?

What is the future of fashion?


Overview of Popular Culture

  • Popular culture is a set of practices, beliefs, artistic output, and objects that are dominant or prevalent in a society at a given point in time.

  • It is heavily influenced by mass media and has a way of influencing an individual's attitudes towards certain topics.

  • Popular culture is defined in a variety of conflicting ways by different people across different contexts.

  • It is generally viewed in contrast to other forms of culture such as folk cults, working-class culture, or high culture.

  • The common pop-culture categories are entertainment, sports, news, politics, fashion, technology, and slang.

  • Popular culture emerged from the urbanization of the Industrial Revolution and is constantly evolving.

  • There are two levels within popular culture: high culture and low culture.

  • The folkloric element of popular culture engages heavily with the commercial element, but communities amongst the public have their own tastes and may not always embrace every cultural or subcultural item sold.

  • Popular culture has been critiqued for being a system of commercialism that privileges products selected and mass-marketed by the upper-class capitalist elite.

  • The most influential critiques of popular culture came from Marxist theorists of the Frankfurt School during the twentieth century.

  • Popular culture has been used to promote imperialist ideologies, to glorify the British upper classes, and to reinforce a Western cultural dominance.

  • Films and cinema are highly influential to popular culture, and the impact of films and cinema are most evident when analyzing the search of what the films aim to portray.Overview of Popular Culture

  • Films have a significant impact on the creation of culture and social media is an instant source of feedback and creates discussion on films.

  • Television programs can be fictional or non-fictional, topical or historical, and can be primarily instructional or entertaining.

  • Popular music has wide appeal and can be enjoyed by people with little or no musical training.

  • Sports include all forms of competitive physical activity or games.

  • Corporate branding refers to the practice of promoting the brand name of a corporate entity, as opposed to specific products or services.

  • Personal branding includes the use of social media to promote brands and topics to further good repute among professionals in a given field.

  • Social media is interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

  • The fashion industry has witnessed tremendous changes over the years, culminating in the production of masterpieces unimaginable in the past decades.

  • Fashion has changed from the classical baggy and oversize pieces to trendy and slim-fit clothes for both males and females.

  • Celebrities and influencers are at the forefront of setting fashion trends through various platforms.

  • The future of fashion is promising and is significantly inspired by past trends.

  • The use of slang and hashtags is common on social media, which adds to a persona that users create through the screens of technology.


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