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What is the definition of 'object' in philosophy?

What is the change problem in object theory?

What is the problem of substance in object theory?

What is the origin of the word 'object'?

What is the difference between an object and a property?

What is the difference between an object and a subject?

What is Bertrand Russell's term for everything that exists in the world?

What is the map-territory relation in semantics?

What is the focus of value theory and physics in object theory?


Object: A Philosophical Notion

  • Object is a philosophical term that refers to a thing observed, in contrast to the observer, who is called the subject.
  • The concept of objecthood concerns how objects are related to their properties and relations.
  • Substance theory and bundle theory are two leading theories about objecthood that address the problems of change and substances.
  • The word object is derived from the Latin objectus, which means “to throw, or put before or against”.
  • The term object refers to a maximally general category whose members can be referred to, quantified over, and thought of.
  • Object is often used as a contrast to property, an entity that is not a property and cannot be referred to by predicates.
  • Object can be used in contrast to subject, either as an entity that fails to experience or an entity that is experienced.
  • The change problem asks what underlies the properties of an object that manifests itself through them in a regular and unified way.
  • The problem of substance asks on what basis one can conclude the existence of a substance that cannot be seen or scientifically verified.
  • Bertrand Russell updated classical terminology with the term fact, which is everything that exists in the world.
  • Value theory concerns the value of objects, while physics concerns the nature of physical objects.
  • Symbols represent objects, and the map-territory relation is the basic problem of semantics.


Test your knowledge of the philosophical concept of object with this quiz. Explore the theories of substance and bundle, learn about the change and substance problems, and discover the role of objects in value theory and physics. Put your understanding to the test with questions on the history and terminology of objecthood, as well as its relationship to subjects and properties. Whether you're a philosophy student or just interested in expanding your vocabulary, this quiz is sure to challenge and enlighten you.

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