The Roaring Twenties



9 Questions

What was the decade of the 1920s known as?

Which political movement emerged in Italy during the 1920s?

Which country became the world's second-largest oil-producing nation during the 1920s?

What significant change in lifestyle and culture occurred during the 1920s?

Which epidemic caused 25-50 million deaths during the 1920s?

Which country granted women the right to vote during the 1920s?

Which book was not a best-seller in the United States during the 1920s?

What was the highest-grossing film of the 1920s?

What change in men's attire occurred during the 1920s?


The 1920s, also known as the “Roaring Twenties” or the “Jazz Age”, was a decade of economic boom in North America and Europe, following World War I. The emergence of radical political movements such as fascism in Italy and far-right political movements in Europe marked the rise of dictators like Benito Mussolini in Italy, Józef Piłsudski in Poland, and Peter and Alexander Karađorđević in Yugoslavia. The 1920s saw the rise of foreign oil companies in Venezuela, which became the world’s second-largest oil-producing nation. The decade also saw the adoption of new technologies like automobiles, telephones, motion pictures, radio, and household electricity, as well as unprecedented industrial growth, accelerated consumer demand and aspirations, and significant changes in lifestyle and culture. Women gained the right to vote in several countries, including the United States, Albania, and Ireland. The Spanish flu and the 1918–1922 Russia typhus epidemic caused 25–50 million and 2–3 million deaths, respectively. The world population increased from 1.87 to 2.05 billion, with approximately 700 million births and 525 million deaths in total. The era saw the large-scale adoption of celebrities, especially sports heroes and movie stars. The best-selling books of every year in the United States included Main Street and Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis, and The Good Soldier Švejk by Czech author Jaroslav Hašek. The 1925 American silent epic adventure-drama film Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ was the highest-grossing film of this decade, grossing $9,386,000 worldwide. The decade is characterized by two distinct periods of fashion, with women adopting more comfortable clothes like short skirts or trousers, and men abandoning highly formal daily attire and even beginning to wear athletic clothing for the first time.


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