The Formation and Features of the Canadian Shield

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What is the process that formed the Canadian shield?

How many glaciers passed over the Canadian shield?

What are the physical features of the Canadian shield?

Why is agriculture or farming limited in the Canadian shield?

What caused the bad drainage system in the Canadian shield?


Formation and Features of the Canadian Shield

  • Canadian Shield formed through convergent plate tectonic movement, where rocks were pushed together to create mountains.
  • The region experienced four ice ages, or glaciations, which smoothed out the mountains and eroded the land over time.
  • The Canadian Shield is the oldest and largest landform region in Canada.
  • The physical features of the Canadian Shield consist mainly of flat land with rounded, hard hills made of rock.
  • The soil layer on top of the rock is thin, limiting agricultural and farming activities in the area.
  • The thin soil layer also contributes to low-level vegetation in the region.
  • The Canadian Shield is characterized by abundant trees and greenery.
  • The region is dotted with numerous rivers and lakes, which were formed by the glaciers carving out valleys.
  • The hard rock surface of the Canadian Shield causes poor drainage, as rainwater and water from rivers slide off instead of being absorbed by the soil.
  • Glaciation has played a significant role in shaping the landscape of the Canadian Shield.
  • The Canadian Shield offers limited opportunities for agriculture due to its challenging soil conditions.
  • The region's abundance of rivers and lakes provides important water resources for various purposes.


Test your knowledge on the Canadian Shield's formation and physical features! Learn about convergent plate tectonic movement, glaciation, erosion, and more in this quiz. Discover why the Canadian Shield is the oldest and largest landform region in Canada.

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