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What is a property in the context of this text?

What is the extension of a property?

What is the difference between a categorical property and a dispositional property?

What is property dualism?

What is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic properties?

What are the two types of properties in classical Aristotelian terminology?

What is a determinable property?

What is the debate about properties among philosophers?

What are some apparent relational properties?


Differentiating and Characterizing Feature

  • A property is a characteristic of an object that is capable of being attributed to objects.
  • Properties are not individual objects, but a form of object that can possess other properties.
  • An object is said to possess a property if the property can be truly predicated of the object.
  • Properties can be instantiated in more than one object, and the collection of objects that possess a property is called the extension of the property.
  • Philosophers have a debate about whether properties are universals or particulars.
  • A realist about properties asserts that properties have genuine, mind-independent existence.
  • Properties are often classified as either categorical or dispositional, depending on whether they concern what something is like or what powers something has.
  • Property dualism describes a category of positions in the philosophy of mind that holds that there exist two distinct kinds of properties: physical properties and mental properties.
  • Properties may be classified as intrinsic or extrinsic, depending on whether they are independent of other things or depend on a thing's relationship with other things.
  • In classical Aristotelian terminology, a property is one of the predicables, which are non-essential qualities of a species.
  • A property may be classified as either determinate or determinable.
  • There are at least some apparent relational properties which are merely derived from non-relational properties.


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