Test Your Knowledge on Product Life-Cycle Management Strategies



9 Questions

What is the goal of product life cycle management (PLM)?

What does product life cycle (PLC) concern?

What are the major stages of product life cycle (PLC)?

What is the assumption made by PLC management?

What is the purpose of extending the product life cycle?

What does product life cycle management (PLM) integrate?

What is the benefit of user-generated contents (UGC) in identifying product life cycle stage?

What is the difficulty in identifying product stages when the product is in transition?

What are the characteristics of PLC stages?


Test your knowledge on the succession of strategies used by business management as a product goes through its life-cycle with this quiz on Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM). From introduction to decline, learn about the different stages of a product's life-cycle and the corresponding strategies implemented by businesses. This quiz will help you understand the importance of managing a product's life-cycle and the impact it has on a company's success. Keywords: product life-cycle, business management, strategies, stages, introduction, decline.

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