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What was Robert Nozick's most famous work?

Where did Robert Nozick attend college?

What is Robert Nozick's theory of justice?

What is Robert Nozick's epistemological system?

What did Robert Nozick's final work, Invariances, introduce?

What award did Robert Nozick receive for Anarchy, State, and Utopia?

What did Robert Nozick express misgivings about in The Examined Life?

What was Robert Nozick's philosophical method?

What did Robert Nozick argue was the only function of a minimal state?


Robert Nozick: American Political Philosopher

  • Robert Nozick was an American philosopher known for his work in political philosophy, epistemology, and metaphysics.
  • He was born in Brooklyn to a Jewish family and attended Columbia College, Princeton University, and Oxford University.
  • Nozick's most famous work, Anarchy, State, and Utopia, argues that only a minimal state is justified, limited to the functions of protection against "force, fraud, theft, and administering courts of law."
  • He challenged John Rawls's theory of justice and argued that a distribution of goods is just if brought about by free exchange among consenting adults, even if large inequalities subsequently emerge from the process.
  • Nozick's epistemological system attempted to deal with the Gettier problem and skepticism and argued that justification is not a necessary requirement for knowledge.
  • His final work, Invariances, introduced his theory of evolutionary cosmology, arguing that objectivity arises through being invariant under various transformations.
  • Nozick received a National Book Award for Anarchy, State, and Utopia in 1974, and Philosophical Explanations received the Phi Beta Kappa Society's Ralph Waldo Emerson Award.
  • In The Examined Life, Nozick expressed misgivings about capitalist libertarianism and suggested that wealth is sometimes justly redistributed via taxation to protect the freedom of the many.
  • Nozick's philosophical method was exploratory and ecumenical, drawing on literature outside of philosophy, such as economics, physics, and evolutionary biology.


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