Test Your Knowledge of Dutch Television Game Show "Eén tegen 100"!



9 Questions

What is the name of the Dutch game show that has been airing since 2000?

Who is the host of Eén tegen 100 (1 vs. 100)?

What is the objective of the One in the game?

What happens to the money in the contestant's bank when the One eliminates a certain number of contestants?

What happens if the One eliminates all 100 contestants?

What happens if the One is incorrect?

What are lifelines in the game and how can they be used?

What is the penalty for using a dodge in the original Dutch version of the game?

What is the name of the Taiwanese version of the game and how many contestants does the One have to eliminate?


How much do you know about the Dutch television game show "Eén tegen 100"? Test your knowledge and see if you can answer questions about the show's format, host, and history. This quiz is perfect for fans of the show and those looking to learn more about Dutch TV programs. Get ready to take on the challenge and see if you can beat the odds, just like the contestants on the show!

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