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What is the main purpose of home improvement projects?

What is the average cost of a home improvement project in the US?

What is the hypocaust?

Who are the most important professionals in the home improvement industry?

What should homeowners verify before hiring a contractor?

What is included in interior renovation?

What is the purpose of aggregators in the home improvement industry?

What is the value of the home improvement industry in Canada?

What is the purpose of professional home improvement?


Home Improvement: Renovating and Adding to Your Home

  • Home improvement includes renovating or adding to your home's interior, exterior, or property.
  • It can be done for personal preference, comfort, maintenance, making a home bigger, saving energy, or improving safety.
  • Home improvement projects include building projects, outdoor structures, maintenance, repair, and servicing tasks.
  • The goals of home improvement projects are comfort, maintenance, additional space, saving energy, and safety.
  • The home improvement industry is worth almost $300 billion in the US and $48 billion in Canada, with an average project cost of $3,000 in the US and $11,000-15,000 in Canada.
  • The history of professional home improvement dates back to ancient times, where Sergius Orata invented the hypocaust.
  • Renovation contractors are the most important professionals in the industry, with specialized credentials, licensing, and experience to perform renovation services.
  • Unlicensed companies exist, but homeowners should verify licenses, insurance, and business references before hiring a contractor.
  • Aggregators bundle home improvement service offers and act as intermediary agencies between service providers and customers.
  • Popular culture includes television shows such as This Old House and HGTV, as well as movies like The Money Pit and George Washington Slept Here.
  • Interior renovation touches on the internal structure of the house and includes wallpaper, furniture settings, lighting, and ceiling construction, among others.
  • The decoration construction team must be approved by an established interior design company to guarantee quality.


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