Supreme Court Case: United States vs. Ah Chong (1910)

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Who was the defendant in the case?

Ah Chong

What was the occupation of Pascual Gualberto, the deceased?

House boy or muchacho

Where was 'Officers' quarters No. 27' located?

Fort Mc Kinley, Rizal Province

What was 'Officers' quarters No. 27' used for in August 1908?

Officers' mess or club

How far was 'Officers' quarters No. 27' from the nearest building?

40 meters

Why was the evidence limited to the testimony of the accused in the case?

No other evidence was available

What was the defendant's reaction when he thought someone was trying to force open the door of the room?

He threatened to kill the intruder and struck out with a kitchen knife.

What security measure did the occupants of the room use to fasten the door?

They attached a small hook or catch on the inside of the door.

Why did the defendant keep a knife under his pillow?

For personal protection due to prior robberies in the area.

What was the condition of the porch that contributed to the darkness in the room?

It was covered by a heavy growth of vines.

What was the defendant's initial threat when he thought someone was trying to enter the room?

If you enter the room, I will kill you.

How did the defendant react upon realizing that the person he struck with the knife was his roommate?

He ran back to his room to secure bandages to bind up his roommate's wounds.

This quiz is based on the Supreme Court case between the United States (plaintiff-appellee) and Ah Chong (defendant-appellant) in 1910. The case involves limited evidence and relies heavily on the testimony of the accused. Explore the legal proceedings and verdict in this historic case.

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