Smooth Jazz Quiz



9 Questions

What is smooth jazz?

What was smooth jazz initially a combination of?

What was smooth jazz known as in the mid-1970s in the United States?

Who were some of the notable smooth jazz artists in the 1980s?

What did critics complain about regarding Kenny G's music?

What did music reviewer George Graham argue about the 'smooth jazz' sound?

What did Digby Fairweather denounce about the change to a smooth jazz format on defunct radio station 102.2 Jazz FM?

Which song was one of the most popular smooth jazz songs, released in 1981?

Which instrumental composition by flugelhorn player Chuck Mangione was released in 1978?


Test your knowledge of commercially oriented crossover jazz with our Smooth Jazz Quiz! From its emergence in the 1980s to its dominance in the mid-1990s, this genre has captured the hearts of many with its easy listening style. Can you name the key artists, albums, and songs that defined the smooth jazz era? Take our quiz and find out!

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