Singspiel Opera Quiz



9 Questions

What is a Singspiel?

What is the characteristic feature of Singspiel?

What kind of plots are generally found in Singspiel?

What elements are frequently included in Singspiel plots?

What were some of the first Singspiele?

Which two people were called 'the fathers of the German Singspiel'?

Which class of people usually performed Singspiele?

Which composer wrote several Singspiele, including Die Zauberflöte?

What did Kurt Weill create in 1927 to describe his work Mahagonny-Songspiel?


"Test Your Knowledge of Singspiel: The Lively and Romantic Opera Genre" - Take this quiz to see how much you know about the Singspiel genre of opera. From its origins to the key features that make it unique, challenge yourself with questions on this lively and romantic form of musical drama. Impress your friends with your knowledge and discover new insights into this fascinating genre.

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