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Which of the following is a characteristic of phishing attacks?

What is typosquatting?

What is vishing?

Which of the following is an example of a social engineering attack that involves tailgating?

What is the purpose of credential harvesting in a social engineering attack?

What is a common method used in invoice scams?

Which of the following is a method used in phishing attacks to gather information on the victim?

What is spear phishing?

What is 'whaling' in the context of phishing attacks?

How can individuals protect themselves from impersonation attacks?

Which of the following is a method of preventing shoulder surfing?

What is a watering hole attack?

What is a common method for stopping spam at the email gateway?


Test your knowledge on shoulder surfing and learn how to protect yourself from this sneaky form of information theft. Explore the various methods used by shoulder surfers and discover effective prevention techniques. Safeguard your personal and sensitive data with this informative quiz.

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