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What event overshadowed the 1972 Summer Olympics?

Who was the notable athlete that won three gold medals for the Soviet Union in women's gymnastics during the 1972 Summer Olympics?

Which country was banned from the 1976 Summer Olympics due to its policy on apartheid?

Which athlete won the gold medal in wrestling without having a single point scored against him in the 149-pound weight class during the 1976 Summer Olympics?

Which country hosted the Winter Olympics in 1972?

Which city was originally supposed to host the 1976 Winter Olympics?

Who was the legendary gymnastics coach that rose to fame during the 1976 Summer Olympics?

Which country boycotted the 1976 Summer Olympics to protest against South Africa's ban?

Which U.S. team was arguably the greatest Olympic boxing team ever, winning five gold medals during the 1976 Summer Olympics?


Test your knowledge about the tumultuous 1970s Olympics, from the tragedy of the Munich massacre to the controversies surrounding the Cold War. Challenge yourself with questions about the host cities, famous athletes, and political tensions that defined this era of the Olympic Games.

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