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What is a robotic spacecraft?

What was the first uncrewed space mission?

What is the purpose of using robotic spacecraft?

What is the difference between space telescopes and Earth imaging satellites?

What are cargo spacecraft used for?

What are automated cargo spacecraft used for?

Which cargo spacecraft is used to supply the Tiangong space station?

What are robotic spacecraft service vehicles used for?

What is the Hubble Space Telescope?


Robotic spacecraft or uncrewed spacecraft are spacecraft without people on board, which may have varying levels of autonomy from human input, including remote control, remote guidance, or autonomous operation. They are often used for space missions that are too risky or expensive for crewed operation. The first uncrewed space mission was Sputnik in 1957. Many habitable spacecraft also have varying levels of robotic features. The United States Air Force considers a vehicle to consist of the mission payload and the bus (or platform), which provides physical structure, thermal control, electrical power, attitude control, and telemetry, tracking, and commanding. Robotic spacecraft use telemetry to radio back to Earth acquired data and vehicle status information. A space probe is a robotic spacecraft that explores further into outer space and can be orbiters, landers, and rovers. Space probes send collected data to Earth.Types of Spacecraft

  • High Delta-V missions require gravitational slingshots or the Interplanetary Transport Network to perform.
  • Space telescopes are telescopes in outer space used to observe astronomical objects without filtering or distortion.
  • They are divided into two types: satellites that map the entire sky and satellites that focus on selected astronomical objects or parts of the sky.
  • Space telescopes are different from Earth imaging satellites used for weather analysis, espionage, and other types of information gathering.
  • Cargo spacecraft are robotic spacecraft designed to carry cargo to support space stations' operation.
  • They transport food, propellant, and other supplies and are different from space probes that conduct scientific investigations.
  • Automated cargo spacecraft have been used since 1978 and have serviced Salyut 6, Salyut 7, Mir, the International Space Station and Tiangong space station.
  • Three different cargo spacecraft are used to supply the International Space Station: Russian Progress, American SpaceX Dragon 2, and Cygnus.
  • Chinese Tianzhou is used to supply the Tiangong space station.
  • Robotic spacecraft service vehicles are used to repair, refuel, or maintain satellites in orbit.
  • Spacecraft service vehicles are not designed to carry cargo or transport people but are designed to perform maintenance and repairs in space.
  • The Hubble Space Telescope is a space telescope that has been in operation since 1990 and has made more than 1.3 million observations.


Test your knowledge on robotic spacecraft and space missions with this quiz! From the first uncrewed space mission to cargo spacecraft and space telescopes, this quiz covers a range of topics related to robotic spacecraft. See how much you know about the different types of spacecraft and their missions in space. Keywords: robotic spacecraft, uncrewed spacecraft, space missions, space probes, cargo spacecraft, space telescopes, space service vehicles, Hubble Space Telescope.

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