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What is a flower garden?

What is the importance of flower color in the herbaceous border and mixed border?

What is a cutting garden?

What is the purpose of mulching in flower gardens?

What is the relation between flower gardens and knot gardens?

What is a 'wildflower' seed mix?

What is a 'flower garden in a box'?

What is the best soil for herbaceous flowering plants?

When did the idea of parts of gardens dedicated to flowers become common?


Flower Garden: Key Points

  • A flower garden is a garden or part of a garden where plants that flower are grown and displayed, and typically refers to herbaceous plants.
  • Most herbaceous flowering plants grow best in a flowerbed, with soil that is regularly dug over and supplemented with organic matter and fertilizer.
  • The design of flower gardens needs to take into consideration maintaining a sequence of bloom and consistent color combinations through varying seasons.
  • Flower color is an important feature of both the herbaceous border and the mixed border that includes shrubs as well as herbaceous plants.
  • Flower gardens are sometimes tied in function to other kinds of gardens, like knot gardens or herb gardens.
  • Many plants considered decorative flowers originated as weeds, which if attractive enough would be tolerated by farmers because of their appeal.
  • Flower gardens are a key factor in modern landscape design and even architecture, especially for large businesses.
  • The labour time involved in flower gardens can be decreased by using techniques such as mulching.
  • A functional garden used to grow flowers for indoor use rather than outdoor display is known as a cutting garden.
  • A simpler alternative to the designed flower garden is the "wildflower" seed mix.
  • Another recent trend is the "flower garden in a box", where the entire design of a flower garden is pre-packaged.
  • Flower gardens have been around for centuries, but the idea of parts of gardens dedicated to flowers did not become common until the 16th century.


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