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9 Questions

What is the objective of Trivial Pursuit?

What are the six categories in Trivial Pursuit?

What is the shape of the Trivial Pursuit board?

What happens when a player lands on the hub space in Trivial Pursuit?

How many themed editions of Trivial Pursuit have been released?

Who created Trivial Pursuit?

What is the shape of the playing pieces in Trivial Pursuit?

What is the objective of the legal action taken against Trivial Pursuit's creators?

How many games of Trivial Pursuit have been sold worldwide as of 2014?


Trivial Pursuit Board Game: A Summary

  • Trivial Pursuit is a board game that tests players' knowledge and ability to answer questions about popular culture and trivia.
  • The game was created in Montreal, Quebec, in 1979 by Chris Haney and Scott Abbott. It was released in 1981.
  • The game's objective is to collect all six wedges from each "category headquarters" space, and then return to the center "hub" space to answer a question in a category selected by the other players.
  • The game has six categories: history, science and nature, entertainment, sports and leisure, geography, and arts and literature.
  • Several themed editions have been released, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Saturday Night Live.
  • As of 2014, Trivial Pursuit had sold over 100 million games in 26 countries and 17 languages.
  • The playing pieces are round and divided into six sections like pie wedges. A small plastic wedge can be placed into each of these sections to mark each player's progress.
  • Players move their pieces around a board which is shaped like a wheel with six spokes, rolling a single die to determine how far to move.
  • The player is asked a question in the category corresponding to the color of the space they land on. A correct answer allows the player to continue their turn.
  • Other spaces on the board include "Roll Again" spaces and the hub space. Landing on the hub space allows a player to answer a question in the category of their choice as long as they do not yet have all six wedges.
  • There are over 100 different editions in different languages that have been printed.
  • Legal action was taken against the game's creators. Fred L. Worth, author of The Trivia Encyclopedia, filed a $300 million lawsuit against the distributors of Trivial Pursuit. David Wall of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, also launched a lawsuit against the game's creators.


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