Potluck Perfection



9 Questions

What is a potluck?

What is the etymology of the word 'potluck'?

When did the modern execution of a 'communal meal, where guests bring their own food' most likely originate?

What are some other names for a potluck?

What is the traditional rule for dishes brought to a potluck?

What problem does agreeing ahead of time to bring a single course solve at a potluck?

What type of food can guests bring to a potluck?

What is a potlatch?

What is the purpose of a potluck?


Test your knowledge on the beloved tradition of potlucks with this fun quiz! From the origins of the word to different variations around the world, this quiz will challenge your understanding of this communal gathering. Whether you're a seasoned potluck pro or a curious newcomer, come put your knowledge to the test and learn something new about this beloved social event.

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