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What is population ecology?

What does population size refer to?

What is carrying capacity?

What is the intrinsic rate of increase?

What are the two types of growth models?

What is the r/K selection theory?

What do survivorship curves show?

What is top-down control?

What is the metapopulation concept?


Population Ecology: A Study of Species Populations and Their Interaction with the Environment

  • Population ecology focuses on the dynamics of species populations and their interaction with the environment.
  • It covers birth and death rates, immigration and emigration, and population viability analysis.
  • Population ecology is important in conservation biology, and it provides interesting problems for mathematicians and statisticians who work in population dynamics.
  • The discipline began in the 1940s and was divided into autecology and synecology.
  • A population is defined as a group of interacting organisms of the same species, and its demographic structure is how populations are often quantified.
  • Population size is defined as the total number of individuals in a population, and population density is how dense these individuals are.
  • The maximum per capita growth rate for a population is known as the intrinsic rate of increase, and carrying capacity is the maximum population size of the species that the environment can sustain.
  • Population dynamics is the development of population ecology, and it owes much to the mathematical models known as population dynamics.
  • There are two types of growth models: exponential and logistic.
  • The r/K selection theory is an important concept in population ecology, which distinguishes between r and K selected species.
  • Top-down and bottom-up controls are driven by producers in the ecosystem, and some populations are controlled by organisms at the top.
  • Survivorship curves show the distribution of populations according to age, and the metapopulation concept was introduced in 1969.
  • Scientific articles on population ecology can be found in the Journal of Animal Ecology, Oikos, and other journals.


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