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What are paper models made from?

When did the first paper models appear in Europe?

What was the reason for the boom in card modeling during World War II?

What is the Robert Freidus Collection?

What is scratchbuilding in paper modeling?

What is Pepakura Designer?

What is the most prevalent source of 3D models used in paper modeling?

What are some frequent subjects of paper models?

What is the primary use of paper models in tabletop gaming?


The World of Paper Models

  • Paper models are made from sheets of paper, paperboard, card stock, or foam, and include origami, card modeling, and papercraft.
  • The sections are usually pre-painted, so there is no need to paint the model after completion, but some enthusiasts may enhance the model by painting and detailing.
  • The first paper models appeared in Europe in the 17th century, and the earliest commercial models were appearing in French toy catalogs in 1800.
  • The popularity of card modeling boomed during World War II when the paper was one of the few items whose use and production was not heavily regulated.
  • The Robert Freidus Collection, held at the V&A Museum of Childhood, has over 14,000 card models exclusively in the category of Architectural Paper Models.
  • Inexpensive kits are available from dedicated publishers, mostly based in Eastern Europe, with some catalogs dating back to 1950.
  • Experienced hobbyists often scratchbuild models, either by first hand drawing or using software such as Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.
  • CAD and CG software, such as Rhino 3D, 3DS Max, Blender, and specialist software like Pepakura Designer from Tama Software, may be employed to convert 3D computer models into two-dimensional printable templates for assembly.
  • The use of 3D models greatly assists in the construction of paper models, with video game models being the most prevalent source.
  • Vehicles of all forms, architecture models, and video game designs are frequent subjects of paper models.
  • Various models are used in tabletop gaming, primarily wargaming.
  • Paper models can be downloaded and printed on inexpensive inkjet printers, and the Internet has become a popular means of exchanging them.


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