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What is a music festival?

Who generally organizes music festivals?

Where are music festivals commonly held?

Are music festivals only held annually?

What is the purpose of music festivals nowadays?

Do all music festivals include many different genres?

What is the Sanremo Music Festival?

What is Summerfest?

What is the Queensland Music Festival?


Overview of Music Festivals

  • A music festival is a community event with performances of singing and instrument playing, often presented with a theme such as musical genre, nationality, locality of musicians, or holiday.
  • Music festivals are generally organized by individuals or organizations within networks of music production, typically music scenes, the music industries, or institutions of music education.
  • Music festivals are commonly held outdoors, with tents or roofed temporary stages for the performers.
  • Many festivals are annual, or repeat at some other interval, while some are held only once.
  • Music festivals have developed as an emerging industry which contributes to many national economies.
  • Music festivals nowadays also can serve as a way of building a brand for a destination, creating a unique image for it and attracting visitors.
  • There are many music festivals, some of which include many different genres, but some festivals specialize in one specific genre, such as EDM, metal, hip hop, among others.
  • Another type of music festival is the music education, often organized annually in local communities, regionally, or nationally, for amateur musicians of all ages and grades of achievement.
  • The Sanremo Music Festival is the longest-running music festival in the world and it is also the basis and inspiration for the annual Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin's 11-day event, Summerfest, promotes itself as "The World's Largest Music Festival."
  • The Queensland Music Festival, established in 1999 and headquartered in Brisbane Australia, is the largest music festival by land mass, as a state-wide music biennial music festival, over a three-week period during July.
  • Music festivals serve as a way to create cultural identity, lifestyle, community, belonging and self-actualisation.


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