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What was the first dedicated motor racing track in the world?

Which of the following is NOT a type of motorsport divided by types of motor vehicles?

What is the premier race of the IndyCar Series?

Which organization governs Formula One?

What is the most famous open-wheel racing class?

What is off-road racing?

What is enclosed wheel racing?

What are the Dakar Rally and the Baja 1000 desert race?

What is the responsibility of race officials in racing events?


Motorsport: A Detailed Overview

  • Motorsport is a global term for competitive sporting events primarily involving the use of motorized vehicles, which are governed by global governing bodies such as FIA, FIM, UIM, and FAI.
  • The history of motorsport dates back to 1894 when a French newspaper organized a race from Paris to Rouen and back, and Aspendale Racecourse in Australia in 1906 was the first dedicated motor racing track in the world.
  • Motorsports are divided by types of motor vehicles into racing events, and their appropriate organizations, such as open-wheel racing, sports car racing, stock car racing, touring car racing, and off-road racing.
  • Open-wheel racing is a set of classes of motor vehicles, and the most famous being Formula One, Formula Two, Formula 3, Formula Ford, Formula Renault, and Formula Palmer Audi.
  • Formula One is a class of single-seat and open-wheel Grand Prix closed course racing, governed by the FIA, and organized by the privately-owned company Formula One Group.
  • Formula E is a class of open-wheel auto racing that uses only electric-powered cars and races a spec chassis/battery combination, with manufacturers allowed to develop their own electric power-trains.
  • IndyCar Series is a series of vehicles that race over a full schedule with over 20 teams and 40 different drivers, and its premier race is the Indianapolis 500.
  • Enclosed wheel racing is a set of classes of vehicles, where the wheels are primarily enclosed inside the bodywork of the vehicle, including sports car racing and touring car racing.
  • Stock car racing is a set of vehicles that race over a speedway track, organized by NASCAR, and is now purpose-built.
  • Off-road racing is a group of vehicles that specialize in off-road racing and are modified street cars that can race on close purpose-built off-road tracks and courses, and the premier off-road events include the Dakar Rally and the Baja 1000 desert race.
  • Forms of motorsport which do not involve racing include demolition derby, drifting, gymkhana, freestyle motocross, monster truck events, motorcycle trials, regularity rally, and tractor pulling.
  • Racing events are governed by various race officials, who are responsible for organizing logistics, onboarding participants, safety, scoring, arbitration, and any other support activities.
  • Motorsport was a demonstration event at the 1900 Summer Olympics.


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