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What is the purpose of competitor analysis in marketing management?

What is a brand audit?

What is the purpose of market research and marketing research?

What is the marketing mix?

What is the purpose of a marketing plan?

What is positioning in marketing?

What are the 4 P's of the marketing mix?

What is the purpose of global marketing in firms?

What is the purpose of metrics in marketing management?


Practical Application of Marketing in Organizations:

  • Marketing management focuses on applying marketing techniques and methods within organizations.
  • Marketing management uses tools like Porter's five forces, analysis of strategic groups of competitors, and value chain analysis to analyze the industry context of the firm.
  • Competitor analysis is done by building detailed profiles of each competitor in the market, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses and using SWOT analysis.
  • Market research and marketing research are conducted by marketers, using techniques like surveys, focus groups, and data analysis.
  • A brand audit is a thorough examination of a brand's current position in an industry compared to its competitors and the examination of its effectiveness.
  • A brand audit examines a business's resource strengths, deficiencies, best market opportunities, outside threats, future profitability, and its competitive standing in comparison to existing competitors.
  • Marketing managers identify target segments, allocate resources to acquire and retain customers in target segments, and may turn away customers who are not in its target segment.
  • Positioning is often an encapsulation of a key benefit the company's product or service offers that is differentiated and superior to the benefits offered by competitive products.
  • Marketing managers focus on implementing the chosen strategy through the marketing mix of the 4 P's: product management, pricing, place, and promotion.
  • Marketing managers develop a marketing plan to specify how the company will execute the chosen strategy and achieve the business's objectives.
  • Marketing management employs a variety of metrics to measure progress against objectives and often makes use of various organizational control systems.
  • Globalization has led some firms to market beyond the borders of their home countries, making international marketing a part of those firms' marketing strategy.


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