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What is macramé?

What are the primary knots of macramé?

What is the Cavandoli style of macramé used for?

What items are often created using macramé techniques?

Where and when was the art of macramé first used for decoration?

What is the possible origin of the word macramé?

Where and when was macramé introduced to England?

In which era was the art of macramé popular in Genoa?

What items did 19th-century British and American sailors make from macramé?


Macramé: A Textile Art Using Knotting Techniques

  • Macramé is a textile produced using knotting techniques, rather than weaving or knitting.
  • The primary knots of macramé are the square (or reef knot) and forms of hitching.
  • The Cavandoli style of macramé is used to form geometric and free-form patterns like weaving.
  • Leather or fabric belts, friendship bracelets, and jewelry are often created using macramé techniques.
  • The art of macramé has been used for decoration since the Babylonians and Assyrians, where fringe-like plaiting and braiding adorned the costumes of the time.
  • The word macramé could be derived from the Andalusian-Arabic version macramia, believed to mean "striped towel", "ornamental fringe" or "embroidered veil".
  • Macramé was introduced to England at the court of Mary II in the late 17th century.
  • The art of macramé was popular in the Victorian era, especially in Genoa, where it was a specialty.
  • Nineteenth-century British and American sailors made hammocks, bell fringes, and belts from macramé.
  • The art of macramé resurged in the 1970s for making wall hangings, clothing accessories, and furnishings, and again in the early 1980s, only to be revived by millennials.
  • Materials used in macramé include cords made of cotton twine, linen, hemp, jute, leather, or yarn.
  • A knotting board is often used to mount the cords for macramé work, and cords may be held in place using a C-clamp, straight pins, T-pins, U-pins, or upholstery pins.


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