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What is intercropping?

What are the different types of intercropping?

What are some benefits of intercropping?

What should be taken into account when planning intercropping?

What is mixed intercropping?

What is row cropping?

What is temporal intercropping?

What is relay cropping?

What is the importance of avoiding crop competition in intercropping?


Intercropping is a multiple cropping practice that involves growing two or more crops in proximity to produce a greater yield on a given piece of land by making use of resources or ecological processes that would otherwise not be utilized by a single crop. Several types of intercropping have been identified, including mixed intercropping, row cropping, temporal intercropping, and relay cropping. Intercropping can encourage biodiversity and mutualism, and it can also help improve pest management. Additionally, intercropping can reduce the need for pesticides and chemical fertilizers. However, careful planning is required, taking into account the soil, climate, crops, and varieties, and it is particularly important not to have crops competing with each other for physical space, nutrients, water, or sunlight.


Test your knowledge of intercropping and discover how this agricultural practice can boost productivity while promoting biodiversity and sustainability. This quiz will cover different types of intercropping, benefits, and challenges, as well as best practices for successful implementation. Whether you are a farmer, a gardener, or simply interested in sustainable agriculture, this quiz is a great opportunity to learn more about intercropping and its potential to transform our food systems.

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