Intarsia or Marquetry?



9 Questions

What is intarsia?

What is the difference between intarsia and marquetry?

Where did the technique of intarsia originate?

What is certosina?

When did figurative intarsia first appear?

What is the most elaborate example of intarsia?

What is the process of creating intarsia?

When did intarsia gain popularity in the United States?

What is the new method for marquetry proposed by Georges Vriz?


Test your knowledge of the ancient art of wood inlaying with this quiz on Intarsia! From its origins before the seventh century AD to its use in furniture and décor, this form of inlaying involves intricate sections of wood, ivory, bone, or mother-of-pearl. See how much you know about this technique and its differences from marquetry with this quiz.

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